Era of globalization the world today affecting all aspects of life both in the economic, social and cultural. Education sector is no exception Indonesia today. Efforts to increase already taken through various channels. Starting from the standard values National Examination kelulusa, giving the title of outstanding school with teacher quality improvement itself.

However, of all the ways to improve the education itself, there are little things that may not realize the role in the process of improving student learning achievements which would affect the improvement of educational achievement in Indonesia.

Little things that are "Classroom", this classroom is a place where students absorb the knowledge acquired. The classroom itself is a second home for a student in learning.

Not ruled out if the classroom is comfortable, beautiful, clean and conducive to improving morale and motivation to study. As the saying goes "Place is heart" (which is the heart). So it was a big influence on the condition of someone in his condition he was beaten. A student who studied in the classroom clean, comfortable, beautiful and conducive tend to have the spirit and high motivation. The classroom was used as the most exciting place of learning so that performance can be achieved easily. But on the other hand, if the room was dirty and noisy classroom, of course, the process of teaching and learning activities will be retarded so that students presasi decreased.

Problem formulation
Based on the background described above the formulation of research problems are:
1. How does the classroom to increase learning motivation and morale 2 Wonosobo high school students?
2. How do I create a classroom atmosphere conducive to create a good learning achievement?

Research Objectives

Based on the above problem formulation, this research aims to conclude the problem with qualitative methods. The purpose of this study include:
1. To determine whether the effect on classroom learning increase student motivation.
2. Megetahui conducive to the classroom to increase high school achievement 2 Wonosobo.
3. To find out how to improve student achievement SMA 2 Wonosobo for school quality improvement.

Benefits Research
The results of this study are expected to be useful for:
1. For Readers
By knowing the influence of the classroom to students' learning achievement, it is expected to be used as reference material to resolve how to learn so obtained a good performance.
2. For Authors
It is expected to broaden knowledge and provide learning experiences that foster research skills and the ability to more in-depth knowledge, especially on the issues raised.


The classroom is a place of considerable influence in increasing motivation and enthusiasm for learning students. Comfortable classrooms not only seen from the buildings but also the attitude of the class bagaiaman residents use.

The following will explain the meaning of the word one by one so that the overall titles organized into a form conclusions from this research problem. Influence is the power that comes from something prohibited objects helped form printed, beliefs and one's actions (Great Dictionary of Indonesian Language, 2005: 849). Sela-space is interrupted between the two (series) pole between the four pillars (1964). The room where the class is studying at school (530). Of the preposition to mark the direction, to the opponent (380). Achievement is the result had been achieved than has been done, done, and so on (895). Practice learning is to get a skill. Practice students to get a skill. School is a building / institution to learn and teach (889). Go to the medium is the middle, while not big and not too small (1172). The above is the highest place a high level. Two numbers are higher, high tingat. Wonosobo is taken from the word Wono: forests and Sobo: many visited, so Wonosobo is a lot of forest kawasaan visited.


A classroom can affect students' learning achievement. Classroom conditions less conducive to causing a decreased level of concentration of students in participating students' learning process, but rather the conditions that support the class and is conducive to give a different impression of the penggunannya, especially the students. With a comfortable classrooms, quiet and pleasant students will be more comfortable with the process of teaching and learning activities, this course will support progress in school.


Good classrooms and conducive not only the views of the classroom course, also depends on the condition of the students. Both factors were highly influential to the advancement of teaching and learning process for that we must preserve and maintain the conditions and circumstances in order to create the classroom atmosphere conducive classrooms and a large benefit for its users, especially the students themselves.


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